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JD Era & Raekwon History & TDotFest Interview From The Vault

WorldWide Entertainment TV Now Or Never Toronto Rappers & Hip Hop Documentary Series 2022

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WorldWide Entertainment TV “Blast From The Past” with JD Era chronicled history with the legendary Raekwon The Chef of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan.

It was in 2011 that Raekwon wanted to expand his hip hop business into the country of Canada. Raekwon told Hip Hop Canada that year that he wanted to use his record label to expose the world to Canadian hip-hop with the following statement: “I’m startin’ an Ice H2O Canada record company out here, so all this talent out here that’s sunken in this situation where they not able to carry it across seas, across the world, across to America, I’m here to give them the opportunity. Right now I think I’ve got enough business-savvy friends that’s going to come and help me allow others to get into this business. There’s a lot of talent here. It’s been too many years that we’re not able to hear the music like how ya’ll hearing us constantly. I wanna be able to hear ya’ll constantly the same way, and see new artists come and get on”.

Although there was high anticipation for JD Era and Raekwon’s label, things did not turn out as expected despite at the time Drake was starting to rise in the American music industry. According to Canadaland, Ice H20 received a total of $11,126 under FACTOR’s Juried Sound Recording category. In other words, the money was intended to be used for new audio recordings from the Toronto-based JD Era.

Through his management, JD Era told Canadaland that the recordings never happened. He claims he made no recordings with the money and was not compensated from the label. JD Era would take jabs at Raekwon on a KOTD cypher. The Toronto rapper dropped the rhyme of “Don’t ask about no Raekwon homie, the past is the past / went from legendary to just money hungry for cash / I hope Donald Trump wins and he deports that ass / and between me and you that last album was trash.” He would later go on to perform for his city at TDotFest 2019 and also work with the legendary dancehall artist, Louie Rankin, just before his passing.