Jeezy and Gucci Mane would have been a monumental showdown of the hip hop world due to their past history. Unfortunately, for fans of rap, this encounter will not see the light of day.

Jeezy joined the The Breakfast Club  to talk about the release of his new album The Recession 2, his fiancée Jeannie Mai’s health status, and more. Of course, the topic of Verzuz came up and, despite his upcoming battle against T.I. becoming official, that wasn’t always the plan.

“Swizz called me and I was like, if I do [Verzuz], there’s only one person I’d do it with. He was like, ‘who?’ I was like ‘Gucci [Mane]’. Reach out to him, let me know what’s up,” said Jeezy.

The South would have been divided most likely if these two ever collided which may have set records for Verzuz.

“I did that,” continued Jeezy. “I reached out, Swizz hit back and said he respectfully declined. Cool. Done. Kept it moving, I was gone do it for the culture. We could have did it for the culture. Hung up the phone, three minutes later, that’s when I seen my brother [T.I.’s] video calling me out. We could have done it for the culture. I’m in, it’s whatever.”

T.I. and Jeezy will go down today on Verzuz, but everyone ponders what could have been with Jeezy and Gucci Mane.

Jeezy’s Verzuz talk begins after 11:30 in the video below.