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Jenelle Simpson – Shea Marie Diva & Vixens Podcast Ep. 10

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Shea Marie Diva & Vixens Podcast Episode 10 with special guest, author Jenelle Simpson, speaking on various topics and the release of her new books.

Jenelle Simpson of Toronto, Canada discussing how childhood trauma and infidelity led to her facing her fears and fulfilling the dream of writing books.


Jenelle Simpson is a senior law clerk, paralegal, motivational speaker, life coach in Toronto. She recently added author to her list of accomplishments with the release of her new book, “Commitment To A Deceitful Liar”, a look inside the life of Jenelle, raised in a West Indian home with all its beliefs and myths. The first-time author readily admits, her truth is not always pretty; which includes sexual abuse, rape, and various struggles within her community including drugs and strippers.



Janelle details her struggle to escape repeated generational cycles passed down. She explores having to unlearn instilled toxic generational cycles and relearn how to move to new levels in our life. The title, based on one life incident, has become an inclusive umbrella of sorts. Lies come from many different sources throughout our lives; but, through truth, we learn to forgive and create our own walk-through life.

During her interview on Shea Marie’s Diva & Vixens Podcast, she spoke in depth about having a positive attitude on life even if you are going through a tumultuous time. She believes that the experience one gains through life’s ups and downs can be an example to the youth on how how to handle life’s troubles.


Janelle Simpson talks about growing up in a Caribbean household and how sometimes the culture of the parents clashes with the current generation. Describing how certain belief systems could end up hurting relationships, Simpson also notes that there are positives that come with the Caribbean lifestyle that empowers some people to exceed in life.

Simpson uses some Jamaican Patios dialect to bring the Jamaican culture and its effect alive for her readers. The author masterfully intertwines the different cultures as a background for Commitment To A Deceitful Liar.   The title first came from the shock and pain Simpson felt from a deeply personnel experience.  In the moment, she was numb, but it was not a place the strong-willed Simpson was going to linger.  


The title, today, serves as much more than one life incident, but an inclusive umbrella of sorts.  Lies come from many different sources throughout our lives.  They can be dangerous.  Once we begin unraveling those lies, for answers, we don’t always like what we find.  But, through truth, we learn to forgive and create our own walk-through life, not in the eyes of others… but our own. 


“Writing has always been an escape for me.  I knew I wanted to make some permanent noise for generations to come.” 


Watch Episode 10 above and pre-order the book through the link in the Instagram account above. BOOK IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER TODAY!! 🎉 BARNES AND NOBLE, AMAZON, GOODREADS & MANY OTHER BOOK STORES.