Jennifer Hudson As Aretha Franklin Extended 1st Look Trailer

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With the blessing of Aretha Franklin herself, Jennifer Hudson’s first extended look as the iconic star gets released in a trailer.

With a star studded cast of Jennifer Hudson as Aretha Franklin, Forest Whitaker (who portrays her father Minister C.L. Franklin), Marlon Wayans as her husband Ted White, and Mary J. Blige as Dinah Washington, the tip of the iceberg of this titanic film will try to live up to the legend of the Detroit icon.

Aretha Franklin’s “Genius” was put into a mini-series by National Geographic, but Hudson doesn’t pay it any reverence since Aretha Franklin did not have a part in the creation of the series. “I know that Aretha was adamant that [her life] be a film. If it’s not a film, it’s nothing,” Jennifer Hudson told Entertainment Weekly. “I’m just honored that she picked me to play her. I mean, who can say that? And again, I would have never done it without her wishes.”

The late singer also previously stated that she was considering Fantasia Barrino for the role. Nonetheless, Cynthia Erivo, who has given the role by National Geographic stated her stance on the situation and the upcoming “Respect” film headed by Hudson. “I’m greedy. So, any Aretha I can get, I’m getting,” she shared. “I want to hear Aretha coming out of Jennifer’s mouth. Those two have a really special relationship” as documented by E Online.

Jennifer Hudson sang and knew Aretha Franklin which made the “Queen Of Soul” be content with the Oscar award winning actress portraying her before her passing. The people associated with the production of the movie and friends close to Franklin describe why Aretha Franklin chose the singer in an extended trailer below.

Hudson describes in the video above the extent of her passion to play the part of Franklin correctly. She made mention of learning how to play the piano and making sure to capture all the details that made Aretha Franklin great.

Will you be watching the film when he drops later this summer?