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Jerk Turkey?? Different Cultures React

jamaican turkey

In 2019, the food industry is very much interested in natural foods and saving the planet. Plant based burgers are all the rage at the moment with fast food chains jumping on the latest craze. “Beyond Burger” and brand variations have people taking sides on whether or not it is truly healthy for people or how tasty it is.

Jamaica and the Caribbean population have seen their foods loved by all cultures, but there seems to be a hard split on a new brand of food that is using the popular Jerk seasoning for chicken or pork. There is now Jerk turkey being distribute by “Firehouse Subs”. Let’s just say the reactions have been hilarious to this new breed of turkey sandwich.

There are food lovers who welcome Jerk turkey as these two fellows below.

Then there people who feel this is going too far with exploitation of West Indian culture and believe Firehouse should leave this idea in the board room.