Jermaine Dupri Clarifies Stripper Remarks Not Dissing Cardi

The frenzy still continues about Jermaine Dupri’s controversial comments about female rappers in 2019. The situation escalated as Cardi B took to social media to give her thoughts on the whole debate. SoSo Def icon, Da Brat, came to the producer’s defense believing his words were taken out of context in a recent interview with TMZ.

Well now Jermaine Dupri has come to his own defense. He is clarifying his controversial comments. “I think it’s something that’s just been brewing before I was even asked the question,” Dupri told TMZ. “I wasn’t aware that it’s been brewing. I tell people like…I saw what Cardi said. Cardi started her message off by basically saying, now that Jermaine Dupri has said it, I’m gonna address it. That means, to me, somebody had already said it to her or she’s heard it before. So I just feel like it’s something that people have already been talking about and for some reason [my comment] just became the loudest.”

“There’s a million artists rapping,” he continued. “There’s a million female artists that’s out here rapping. Everybody continues to keep getting…what my statement was, was about the three that she asked me about. It wasn’t about a general conversation about female rap, but everybody turned it into that. ‘He said all female rappers sound like this!’ And I’m like, I never said all female rappers. I never said that one time.”

“The one thing I want to make clear on is people keep saying ‘sexist.’ I’m far from a sexist. Let’s not do that. That’s terrible.”

Jermaine Dupri

Jermaine Dupri is steadfast in believing he did not diss anyone with his comments. He also mentioned that he’s dropping a beat on his Soundcloud for female artists to drop their rhymes to, so they can enter to be apart of his forthcoming cypher.