Jermaine Dupri Declares Bobby Brown As “Truly The King Of R&B”

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Bobby Brown is one of the more popular R & B stars in history and Jermaine Dupri is here to give the man his flowers while he is still here.

His late wife, Whitney Houston, who is an all-time great singer herself, once proclaimed her husband as the “King Of R&B”. The founder of So So Def icon is in agreement that New Edition icon is deserving of praise.

Last week saw Charlamagne Tha God stating his view that Migquel was a top singer for his genre in the last decade. This of course set off more discussion that lead to GOAT opinions.
Jermaine Dupri, who has worked with some of the greatest acts in music history such as Mariah Carey, gave his expertise by stating why Bobby Brown was worthy of the crown. He started to name drop some of the top producers Brown worked with during his hey day. “He went and got the top producers to make his album, “Prerogative.” That means he knew off top where he was headed, right?” The So So Def icon also brought up “On Our Own,” Brown’s 1989 Ghostbusters hit, saying that Brown created “style.”

“We gotta give everybody our flowers,” said Dupri. “I see everybody saying that, but we gotta really start doing it. Don’t play wit’ t. So, I’m here giving this man his flowers.” Dupri’s video cut off so he took a brief break to deal with technical issues before returning to continue his thoughts.

“What I was saying is Bobby Brown is truly the King of R&B,” said Dupri. “Don’t get it f*cked up. Right? It ain’t many artists that come out and they understand they swag before they records come out, they understand they look before they records come out… And then they go work with all the right producers. You ain’t really seen many artists in this era of music, especially in R&B, do that at all.”