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Jim Jones Comments Comparing Rappers To Soldiers Upsets Vet


The deaths of rappers over the years has been well documented. Although the lifestyle of becoming a popular rapper has many positives such as increasing one’s wealth, it also has certain negative aspects surrounding one’s health in terms of living to see old age.
Jim Jones spoke about how it was “more dangerous” to be a hip hop artist than a soldier. This caused a veteran of the Iraq war to call out Jim Jones for the comment.

The vet, who goes by the Instagram handle @mramcore, told Jones, “Heard the comments you made about ‘being a rapper is harder than fighting a war in Iraq…’ You allowed to have your opinion without any facts nor truth to it, but as a Vet and hip hop fan, I found it extremely disrespectful and ignorant.

“Here’s some facts, my unit which fought in Iraq 2004 lost more Marines in two months than ‘rappers’ in the past 3 years. Keep talking but there is zero comparison.”

Waka Flocka also questioned the motif that rap is dangerous by stating that being a “gangster rapper” could be dangerous, but hip hop in its purest form is fun.

response, Jones went on a social media tirade, doubling down on his original point.

“Here are facts,” he wrote. “Every nigha I grew up wit is either dead or in jail, so u wanna compare death tolls it won’t add up. u went to army n met nighas U never knew or grew up wit. I grew up wit all these nighas all my life so it different. u wanna continue this debate. Yal was shooting at kids n innocent bystanders in the midst of shootin at the enemy. We was kids shootin at kids. That mentality split over to success.

“Remember u knew who ur enemies were. we don’t and everybody knows who we are because of our notoriety. so how u protect urself from enemies u can’ see. We all wear the same uniform. Everyone is drippy. But y’all had American uniforms on and the enemy had their uniform on. You had the choice of goin to war. We didn’t. We was at war when we was born. Let the church say.”

He also shared the exchange on his own Instagram account, writing in the caption, “Is this opinion or facts I need answers y’all. Like I said being a rapper is 1 of the most dangerous jobs on this planet.”

The veteran did not back down from his take on the situation and told social media that he wants a face to face with Jones.

“You want to compare a lifestyle choice in comparison to somebody that not only subjects themselves to danger protecting their loved ones, but people they don’t even know,” he said. “When you get into the rap game you’re doing it for what? Money. Not every single rapper, but you know who those rappers are — those are the ones who don’t get caught in the mainstream rap.”