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Jimmy Fallon Blackface Causes #JimmyFallonIsOverParty To Trend


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NBC late night host Jimmy Fallon, is the latest celebrity to receive “cancel culture” treatment over an incident in which he appeared on television in blackface over 20 years ago. The Twitter hashtag #jimmyfallonisoverparty got some traction on Tuesday morning.

A video of Jimmy Fallon impersonating Chris Rock on television surfaced once again online. The issue is he appeared in blackface. Check out the video below.

Twitter followers made reference to the Canadian Prime Minister who also got into hot water over past blackface moments. This is not the first time this video has appeared online. The video actually resurfaced two years ago as a response to Megyn Kelly losing her job on The Today Show in 2018 for wearing blackface for Halloween.

In 2018, Megyn Kelly was kicked out of a role on The Today Show after she argued that she did not see any issues of wearing blackface for Halloween.

In an effort to highlight hypocrisy, right wing internet users surfaced the footage of Fallon as a response. Basically: Kelly lost her job, but Fallon got to host The Tonight Show, and they believe there is no difference in what the two did.

However, there is a contingency of people who say Fallon’s scenario is different because it was a scripted television show for comedic purposes. The skit was approved by showrunner Lorne Michaels, a makeup artist painted his face … a lot of people had to be involved to get Fallon out on that stage in blackface.

Do you believe the scenarios are different and that Fallon should lose his talk show gig? Check out these reactions on Twitter about the situation.