J&J Sued Over ‘cancerous’ Talcum Powder Targeting Black Woman

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lawyerBen Crump is suing Johnson & Johnson for allegedly targeting Black women with a product he says has been linked to cancer according to a TMZ report.

The lawsuit is also seemingly going to be a class action situation. The civil rights attorney made the announcement with fellow attorney Paul Napoli about taking on the  pharmaceutical empire on behalf of the National Council of Negro Women in the court of law.

Ben Crump states there was a deliberate attempt of targeting African-American women through their marketing and advertising to buy its popular talcum power mostly through their baby powder brand. He is saying research and studies have provided information that ovarian cancer has resulted in the use of their product.
If that allegation was not enough, Crump states there are internal memos from the company proving the targeting of black women and that it has caused irreparable damage to many over a period of time.  Ben and co. are claiming J&J knew its product was poison betraying the trust of the community and especially the African-American community at large.

He is asking for anyone who believes they should be apart of the suit to join him for the potential damages and/or any settlement that may arise out of this lawsuit. A press conference will be held about this latest legal issue with big pharma.The pharmaceutical and consumer giant was ordered to pay $417 million in 2017 to Eva Echeverria, 63, who claimed she developed ovarian cancer after using the company’s baby powder since she was 11 years old.