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Joe Budden Responds To Eminem

Claims He's Better

Eminem and Joe Budden’s disputes has now led to Budden claiming Slim Shady has said nothing noteworthy in a decade.

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Eminem Disses Joe Budden


“I’ve Been Better Than You  For The Better Part of a Decade’

Joe Budden seems to have had it with Eminem and proclaims he has been the better rapper in the last decade than his former label boss.


Eminem has gone crazy on the whole rap industry with his latest offering “Kamikaze” where he disses everyone from Drake to Machine Gun Kelly who idolized him.  However, it was surprising to many that Joe Budden received so much wrath from his former label boss.

“Somebody tell Budden before I snap/He better fasten it/Or have his body bag get zipped/The closet thing he’s had to hits/Since smacking bitches,”

Joe Budden has stated that there will  be no diss track because he is staying retired from the rap game. However, will this remain to be the situation or will this latest comment that Eminem has rapped about “nothing” for a decade escalate this into a bigger beef?