Joe Rogan Backs Cain Velasquez Attempted Murder Of Alleged Molester



Joe Rogan takes the side of Cain Velasquez stating he should have killed alleged molester of 4-year old girl.

It was shocking news when former UFC champion Cain Velasquez was arrested last week after allegedly attempting to murder a man named Harry Goularte, who had allegedly molested one of Velasquez’s young relatives. It was reported that Velasquez chased the man down and eventually shot him in his car, although the man eventually survived.
Velasquez has been put in jail since the incident and it is being debated if he should be released. Cain Velasquez has supporters of his act for obvious reasons that include Ronda Rousey and UFC fighter Derek Brunson. Joe Rogan is also in support as he discussed the situation on his podcast with guest Michael Bisping. As Rogan explains, Velasquez would have been better off beating the man to death.

The problem for Velasquez won’t end anytime soon as he will go through the legal process for the action. If convicted on all counts, Velasquez is facing decades behind bars. Regardless, his fellow inmates generally do not condone crimes of pedophilia and 39 year old Harry Goulart will not be too well liked over the allegations. Check out this clip from TMZ below.