Joe Torry Speaks On Will Smith Being Jealous of Jada & Tupac


Joe Torry was asked on Vladtv, if he had ever seen Tupac and Jada together because Will said in his book that he was jealous of Jada and Pac’s relationship.

Vlad spoke about Jada Pinkett-Smith’s “entanglement” with August Alsina, and Vlad pointed out that not every marriage is traditional. Vlad then stated that it’s not an easy thing to go on vacation with the man you’re wife is seeing, like Will, Jada, and August.

Joe then explained that it’s hard to get over your “true love,” and Vlad asked who is the “bigger figure” between 2Pac and Will Smith. Joe and Vlad then agreed that it was 2Pac, and Vlad pointed out that he was like “Bob Marley” and a figure for people struggling. Joe then added how music is much more lasting than movies, and Joe went on to speak about playing Miles Davis in an upcoming biopic.


Tupac Shakur and Jada Pinkett-Smith had a close friendship that dates back to their teenage years. They met in high school at the Baltimore School for the Arts in Maryland and became very close. Tupac and Jada’s friendship was based on their shared passion for the arts, particularly acting, and they remained friends throughout Tupac’s rise to fame as a rapper and actor.

In interviews, Jada has spoken about the depth of her friendship with Tupac and how much he meant to her. She has described him as a “brother” and said that they had a deep understanding of each other. Tupac, in turn, has dedicated several songs to Jada, including “Starin’ Through My Rear View” and “Lost Souls.”

There has been some speculation over the years about whether Tupac and Jada were ever romantically involved, but both of them have denied that this was the case. Tupac has said in interviews that he had a lot of love for Jada, but that their relationship was strictly platonic. Jada has also spoken publicly about their friendship and has said that she and Tupac were like “an old married couple” who never crossed the line into romance.