Joey Batts Fixes Defaced Nipsey Hussle Memorial

joey batts

A Connecticut teenager by the name of Kaitlyn Renee felt compelled to deface the Nipsey Hussle Memorial for what seems to be an act of clout chasing.

The young lady obviously received backlash for her act, but seemed to upset more people when she responded with “Y’all really mad. I ain’t boutta argue with none of y’all over some PAINTING. you know how much dope shit in heaven park gets painted over? Oh alright then hop off. Yah Boutta “kill” me over a painting. That shit is hilarious.”

An artist by the name of Joey Batts decided to take matters into his hand in terms of fixing the mess made by the young women. He stepped in and corrected the defacing of the memorial to the enjoyment of fans everywhere.