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John Amos Heard Rumors Of Cosby & Not Surprised Of His Conviction

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An interesting video has surfaced online with a recent interview with television’s first black father with wife and kids. John Amos played James Evans on the hit tv show back in the day called “Good Times”.

He speaks about the most popular black father figure on television in Bill Cosby who in the 80’s became America’s dad. The two iconic actors/comedians have worked together. In the 1970’s on the film entitled “Let’s Do It Again” and later during the big run of the Cosby Show in the early 90’s.

Below is an excerpt from his Vladtv interview which gives some insight on his thoughts about Bill Cosby.

(VIA VLADTV) John Amos talked about his experience working with Bill Cosby. He detailed how Cosby was against using profanity while on set and explained how his off-set demeanor didn’t always align with who people saw onscreen or onstage. John Amos also said that he’d heard rumors floating around Hollywood of Cosby’s actions back in the day so he wasn’t surprised when things finally surfaced.