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Jojo Simmons Complains About WEtV & “Growing Up Hip Hop”

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WEtV has been running Growing Up Hip Hop with the son of Rev Run for years, but now he believes there needs to be a change in the programming.

With the advent of reality television, fans of popular hip hop figures have been given a behind the scenes look at their life.  Hip Hop has grown into a billion dollar business due to its many facets and television networks have found a gravy train with it.  WEtv has presented Growing Up Hip Hop and Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta to large audiences.With the increase in eyes on the shows, some of the stars have complained about their portrayal on screen. One person in particular who is wanting real change is JoJo Simmons.

The son of Run-DMC legend Rev Run has appeared on the WEtv series with his sisters Angela and Vanessa Simmons, but it doesn’t appear that Jojo is happy with what he has been seeing.

“Growing up hip hop is becoming to much of a dramatic show. I ask all my cast-mates and my self to use our voice and our actions and show ourselves in a better light,” Jojo wrote. A fan asked if it was the cast who were causing the drama or the producers who capitalize on these moments.

“It’s both but producers can’t get what we don’t give them,” he answered. This complaint comes long after Bow Wow also shared that he was unhappy with the series and announced that he quit the Atlanta franchise. Egypt Criss, daughter of Naughty By Nature’s Treach and Salt-N-Pepa‘s Pepa, also said she would quit the series. Following Romeo Miller’s “love triangle” storyline, he bowed out, as well.

Swipe below to read Jojo Simmons’s comments and to see the latest fisticuffs on Growin Up Hip Hop.