Jon Stewart Talks Issues He Has with Media, Police Brutality & Politics With New York Times



The veteran comedian and former longtime host of The Daily Show spoke with The New York Times about the death of George Floyd, police brutality, his work with the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund and more.

Stewart explained that the USA not living to its original code which has caused the current state by stating, “There’s always this begrudging sense that black people are being granted something, when it’s white people’s lack of being able to live up to the defining words of the birth of the country that is the problem.”

He spoke on what has made Washington a broken place, “What is broken about Washington is … you have a duopoly, there is no incentive to work together to create something better. Plus, you have one party whose premise is that government is bad and whose goal is to prove that, which makes them, in essence, a double agent.”

He spoke about social media platforms and the recent issues that some content creators have been seeing with censorship.

Check out the full interview here.