Jourdin Pauline Releases “Love Songs About Nobody (#LSAN)” EP!!!!

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Jourdin Pauline EP


(MMC Artist Management presents) Jourdin Pauline “Love Songs About Nobody (#LSAN)” EP!!!!

The Guyanese pop princess, Jourdin Pauline, has been on the media rounds in the last couple months in preparation for her latest EP “Love Songs About Nobody”.  The artist released “Nasty” a few months ago which was followed up with the visuals for “Lustful Desires“.

On June 11, 2021, Jourdin Pauline released her new debut EP “Love Songs About Nobody (#LSAN)“!!!!
Jourdin Pauline’s music can also be heard on television shows such ABC’s Grownish, Ant Farm, Shake It Up(Disney Channel),  and Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why. Check out the above links to take in her electrifying sound. Stay tuned for Jourdin Pauline interview with WorldWide Entertainment TV.
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