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Joyner Lucas’ Devil’s Work – Rihanna States Culture Moment

Tupac Shakur

Joyner Lucas took Thursday Throwback to another level by dropping “Devil’s Work”. The rapper makes a strong statement that in today’s world we need some of the old school rappers content to deal with society’s ills.

notorious big
Biggie Smalls

He believes we should be able to swap Donald Trump, Martin Shkreli and R. Kelly for Nipsey Hussle, Tupac Shakur, XXXTentacion, and others. The reaction has been mixed as expected with doing a song of name dropping and also being political. One superstar artist has voted a big yes to the music video and song. None other than the multi platinum selling artist Rihanna co-signed the message.

Michael Jackson

The music video will also be streaming on WWETV Network Video Zone.