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Joyner Lucas Pledges $500 A Day To Single Moms In September


Life can be hard for many women who are trying to raise their children without any support from a man. Rapper Joyner Lucas plans to help alleviate some of that stress for mothers in the month of September. He has proclaimed he will donate $500 a day to single moms following a recent experience he had while shopping for groceries.

“Today I seen a single mother in the grocery store trying to buy some food but didn’t have enough,” he wrote on Instagram. “She almost had to put the food back until I stepped in. I took care of it. Fortunately I have been blessed and fortunate enough to help others. This prompted me to want to do something special this month specifically for single mothers.”

“I know there’s a lot of you who struggle trying to do it on your own,” he noted. “A lot of fathers are absent and don’t help. This month I’m giving away $500 a day for the whole month to all single mothers who need help with food. Drop your cash app name below and dm me your story or tag someone who may need help. I will choose at random and screenshot the payment to show you I’m a man of my word. I love yal so much and want to help.”

He added, “I challenge my celebrity friends to do the same. #helpsinglemotherschallenge.”

Check out what the hip hop artist, Joyner Lucas posted on his Instagram below.