Judge Steps Down From R. Kelly Case

r kelly

Another chapter has opened in the life of R Kelly. In another case by the embattled singer a Mississippi sheriff claims R. Kelly ruined his marriage due to having an affair with the sheriff’s wife. Judge Adrienne Wooten has granted Kenny Bryant’s motion to remove herself from the case after Bryant claimed Wooten was already savvy to Kelly’s alleged affair with his wife according to The Blast

Bryant filed court documents in January demanding Judge Wooten step down. Bryant claimed that prior to hiring his current lawyer, he originally sought out legal advice from Wooten. He stated the following:

to obtain advice on his marriage, the affair that his then-wife was having with R. Kelly, the likely divorce, and whether she would represent him in that divorce, and if he had a cause of action against R. Kelly

Kenny Bryant 

Bryant continued to make the statement about the reason below:

In the course of his conversation, Plaintiff shared details regarding his relationship with his then-wife, and this potential suit with then-Attorney Wooten

Kenny Bryant