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‘Juice’ Movie Set Got Shot At After 2Pac Yelled “F*** New York!


The 1990’s was a time of turmoil in hip hop with the East Coast vs West Coast rivalry that was fueled by the media. There was a shooting that occurred on the set allegedly. The actor who played Steele, Jermaine Hopkins, spoke with VladTV about urban legends surrounding Tupac and the filming of Juice.

Hopkins spoke about the story of Pac having some jewelry stolen by a kid from the Harlem area where they were filming and the aftermath of that incident. Jermaine also spoke on a shooting that occurred that may have been linked to a dispute Pac had with local guys in the area. But Jermaine also made it clear that the frustration of the film crew being around impeded street business from operating which could have led to the shooting as well.

Jermaine Hopkins got his first acting gig when he auditioned for the classic movie entitled “Lean On Me” with Morgan Freeman. He stated the team running the film wanted kids who were actually from the street. Hopkins also explains how Morgan Freeman helped him to create the character he portrayed.

Jermaine Hopkins