Justin Bieber Knocks Off Drake Record With New Hot 100 Feat

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Justin Bieber dethrones fellow Canadian artist Drake as the youngest artist to secure 100 songs on the Billboard charts.

Canada has exported to United States the two of the most commercially successful artists of all time. The stars continually break previous records by legendary artists who came before them making them unique in establishing Canada as a decade long force in the music industry.

At 27 years old Justin Bieber claimed the record as the youngest solo artist in history to secure one-hundred entries on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. The milestone was reached after Bieber’s Kid LAROI collaboration track “Stay,” which currently occupies the third position. You can check out the song right here, in case you missed it.

The popular Toronto rapper, Drake, previously held the accomplishment when he achieved it in 2015 at the age of twenty-eight going on twenty-nine. The record shows that Justin Bieber has been able to sustain his success as a little boy into his adulthood which some artists who made a name for themselves as child prodigies have sometimes fallen to the wayside by the time they reach Bieber’s age.

Justin Bieber has reached a status that no other artist has been able to achieve since the tallying of these records have been established, but he still has work to do in surpassing other legends on the Billboard charts for other accolades. Drake is still the king for having the grand total of Hot 100 singles with a whopping 235 which gives him the lead by a tremendous margin over the next in line with Kanye West and Elvis Presley who have 109 each. Billboard has highlighted every artist with triple-digit numbers, with Bieber rounding out the bottom with 100 behind JAY-Z with 102 and Chris Brown with 103.

Kanye West has “Dondra” ready to drop later this week which is expected to pad his numbers along with Drake is highly anticipated with the long awaited “Certified Lover Boy” that is being released some time in 2021.