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Juvenile – #OldSchoolSaturday Artist Of The Week

Juvenile – Old School Artist Of The Week

(WWETV Old School Saturday) Yours truly Venom, has watched the comeback of Juvenile on Cash Money Records. The improbability of Juvenile ever being on Birdman’s music label once again was astronomically high. For those who don’t know the history as I tend to always do I will take you down memory lane.

If you recall, I did an article a few weeks ago about who was the GOAT teenage rapper and there was someone that was left out. Juvy The Great actually began his music career at the age of 17 and many historians forget to pen this fact. He released it in 1995 during a time period when Outkast made the bold statement at The Source Awards that the “south got something to say” as Andre 3000 felt his region was being overlooked.

Juvenile would sign with Cash Money Records in 1997 after his Warlock Records debut did not garner him national success(although he was popular in the underground scene). He would get the national exposure he was looking for working with in house producer Mannie Fresh on the label by charting.

Juvenile Ha

His follow up however would completely blow it out the water when he dropped the monster hits “Ha” and “Back That Thang Up” which females from all over the USA found their new dance anthem. These singles were released on the “400 Degreez” album which would go 4x platinum. The single was so popular that another down south hip hop personality felt he deserved royalties off the song due to it sounding familiar to something he recorded. The courts threw out the claim however in 2005.

Back That Thang Up

During this time period, Juvenile would help found the legendary “Hot Boys” that saw the merger of Lil’ Wayne, Turk, and B.G. to make hits such as “Bling Bling” which would become pop culture vernacular for jewelry.

Bling Bling

The last Hot Boys album Let ‘Em Burn came out in 2003. Juvy The Great would be Juvenile’s follow up to his monstrous previous album. The project had the hit “Slow Motion” ft. Soulja Slim.

In 2005 Juvenile signed a new deal with Atlantic Records for himself, and also a separate label deal for his UTP Records imprint. Juvenile would release other projects over the time span, but would not return fully to Cash Money Records until 2014. Juvenile and Birdman still had fans asking questions on what the real status between the two icons of the New Orleans. This past week the two appeared on Wendy Williams Show to clear all the doubt.

Juvenile and Birdman

Juvenile has also been on the media grind hitting up outlets such as Breakfast Club and Hot 97 to promote his latest project.

This has been another #OldSchoolSaturday with The Venom