K-Ci Of Jodeci About Real R&B, Being King & Jodeci Biopic

A few weeks ago an online debate was heavily talked about concerning who is the King Of R&B which surrounded comments by Jacquees. One of the biggest groups ever in the genre was Jodeci. We haven’t heard from any member about this topic until now. The iconic K-Ci speaks with Jack Thriller about what it takes to be King, the definition of R&B, and the legacy of Jodeci.

You want to be called the king of anything you got to put in work man as far as longevity. It’s okay to say you’re king. That’s cool. You’re suppose to praise yourself. I would never do it. I didn’t want to be called king. That’s a big responsibility.


Jack Thriller asks about the rumored biopic of New Edition and Kci admitted there was floating around, but the script was not real. He also felt the script was too negative and wanted it to be more positive. He said he enjoyed Bobby Brown’s biopic and also the classic Five Heartbeats. He also spoke about the negative imagery that ruined music icons public image such as Ike Turner and Joe Jackson.

Biggie & K-CI

He speaks about his new project he is working on and his view of using new producers to create a fresh sound for his brand. K-Ci promised he would not be doing any trap sounds and plans to stay in his lane.