K. Michelle Alleges Maino Is A Woman Beater & Sues

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New York rapper, Maino, has been throwing subliminal words towards singer K. Michelle over the years. K. Michelle let out her thoughts on the hip hop artist by claiming the Brooklyn emcee allegedly beats women and has a lawsuit coming his way.

During a segment of Clubhouse she let her grievances out similar to how Meek Mill and Akademiks recently did on the platform. Things go so heavy that a group was created called “Maino is from 63rd and he beats women.”

Maino was almost added to the chat by the hosts, but K. Michelle ordered them to block him out so he couldn’t join in on the call. Conversation led to a pending lawsuit, the singer revealed, “The b**ch can go suck a d*ck and get this lawsuit in January. Everything I been through, EVERYTHING — unping him out. I don’t want him nowhere around me. I want the courts to handle him in January.” She continued by adding, “What right do you have to consistently get on all of your platforms and try to down somebody who tried to have your back. Who was your friend? Just so you can get off on a mix — not even an album, a mixtape! I am taking you to court for defamation because you do not know me like that. You know you did not sleep with me.”