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Kadeem Hardison Talks Dwayne Wayne & Whitley Wedding Scene

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A Different World has one of the most iconic and romantic scenes in the history of television and Kadeem Hardison reveals how he pulled it off.


They were the couple for a new generation of sitcom fans that targeted the rising hip hop era in the late 80s and 90s. Dwayne Wayne and Whitley Gilbert captured the minds of viewers weekly as the show aired right after the popular Cosby Show.

Originally made for Lisa Bonet’s legendary character of Denise Huxtable, the show that would inspire young black people in the United States to attend post secondary school, would end up having Kadeem Hardison and Jasmine Guy as the leading stars of the show.


Celebrating 35 years since its inception on NBC’s powerful Thursday Night prime time lineup that consisted of Cosby Show and Cheers. Math whiz Dwayne Wayne and the southern belle Whitley Gilbert became the focus when Debbie Allen was brought on to revamp the show once Lisa Bonet was no longer apart of the scripts. TV One will be running a special marathon this weekend of the classic sitcom.

Admitting they didn’t watch the program in real time, the duo say it is now easier to look back on their work after the fact. The characters were brought on after four episodes aired on television. Guy revealed that, “They brought us in for six episodes,” when speaking about the original episodes in 1987. “That first season was a little treacherous” revealed Jasmine Guy.


Jasmine Guy talked with The Breakfast Club and spoke about not feeling apart of the NBC family in terms of getting perks that came along with prime time shows such as Cheers. She described the time she was asked to sing “Happy Birthday” for Cheers, but declined and joked about them not having any black people on their show.

Kadeem Hardison believes the show should have been on the air with new cast members and change every four to five years with new students. He even thinks the show should still be running now and not just in syndication.

Charlamagne echoed and said “grown-ish” could have been “A Different World.” There would always be kids in college is the mindset of Hardison who actually made an appearance on “grown-ish” as a professor.worldwide entertainment tv


Kadeem Hardison talked about Debbie Allen incorporated the cast with writing credits and put into their contracts that they had to write one or two episodes per season. Hardison directed the episode that starred the iconic Tupac Shakur.


In the Breakfast Club interview, Hardison also describes his thoughts on the classic wedding scene. The actor had the premise that the show had dealt with so many realistic topics that the crashing the wedding scene on paper felt unrealistic.

He revealed that he had input on the scene that took place the night before the wedding and believed that is when Whitley Gilbert should have left her fiancee Bryan. The writers still told Hardison that the wedding scene would take place and the rest is history. He gave insight that he was nervous doing the scene because in his mind it had to be done right the first time.

A Different World was filmed in front a live audience and Jasmine Guy stated how much the viewers at hand were into the scene. Hardison also told the crew at The Breakfast Club that “Baby Please” was an adlib and Jasmine Guy caught the moment to help her cast member out of the situation.

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