Donald Trump by announcing his 2024 bid earlier this month. and now Ye has followed suit. The father of four’s official confirmation was made public on Thanksgiving (November 24), and in his campaign video, he spilt some seriously juicy tea about his opponent.

According to the “Ultralight Beam” artist, he took a trip to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence. At this time, he had hopes of discussing the possibility of teaming up as running mates. They spoke about a myriad of topics, and Ye noted that the name of Alice Johnson came up in particular.

As you may recall, Johnson is a former federal prisoner who was previously convicted and sentenced to life without parole. The sentence came as a result of her involvement in a cocaine-trafficking organization. West’s ex, Kim Kardashian, was previously a part of the case, and in 2018 she met with Trump in hopes of persuading him to grant her clemency.

Alice was ultimately given a pardon by the then-President. According to the Yeezy founder, though, it wasn’t because of his co-parent. Rather, Trump allegedly told him that he did the favour for the recording artist specifically.

“He goes into this story about all that he went through to get Alice Johnson out of jail and how he didn’t do it for Kim,” the 45-year-old alleges in his video. “He did it for me.”

To add insult to injury, Trump then went on to diss Kardashian. However, we don’t hear the actual comments he made. After getting the insults off his chest, he made a point of telling West to pass his comments off to Kardashian.

“I’m like, hold on, Trump. You’re talking to Ye,” he claims to have shot back.