After dropping off major hints that they had a new collaboration on the horizon, Kanye West and The Game have confirmed that their new track is on the way. We’ve been reporting on the updates about “My Life Was Never Easy,” a song that’s slated for arrival exclusively on Spotify this evening, and the hype surrounding the track after Ye is heard in a snippet threatening to beat up Pete Davidson.

Aside from that viral moment, Radar Online issued a report about Priscilla Rainey, the woman who won a $7 million judgment against The Game following allegations of sexual assault.

Rainey was once a contestant on Game’s dating show many years ago and she alleged that he touched her inappropriately. After winning the judgment, Game has repeatedly stated he did not plan on paying up, but there have been reports that Rainey and her legal team have moved forward with seizing certain finances in order to pay the debt.

Radar Online reported that with “My Life Was Never Easy” arriving, Game may not be able to keep, or even see, those profits because Rainey’s team has targeted his pockets.

Rainey has been trying to collect on the money for years. In recent court docs, her lawyers revealed they have only been able to collect $293,902.29 and $7,375,551.25 is still owed. The Game has publicly claimed he has no plans on paying Rainey and has been accused of creating shell companies to hide his money.

The outlet also stated that a judge has already awarded Rainey Game’s profits from the Cameo app where celebrities deliver personalized messages to fans for a fee. Game was accused of making thousands of dollars on Cameo only to have the money sent to his businesses, not himself. It was also reported that his royalties from Born 2 Rap were also awarded to Rainey.