Kanye Not Allowed To Speak About Drake?

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Drake – Kanye West

Kanye West is one of the most outspoken artists in the world today. He sometimes may go too far with his freedom of speech in terms of offending people. Who could forget his line about “slavery was a choice” or his political aspirations that had him wearing the divisive “MAGA” hat?

So it is quite surprising that during a trailer for his upcoming interview with iconic David Letterman for Netflix that he makes the revelation that he is banned from talking about Drake and his family.

The two rappers had a public beef last year and it puzzled even Kanye’s independent label head Pusha T. As we all know, Pusha T and Drake had their beef escalate to the point where street legend J Prince had to call a truce. Kanye went on to explain to Dave Letterman his predicament.

an artist which I will not mention, because I’m not allowed to mention him or any of his family members.

Kanye West

It was a vague comment to anyone who might not have followed Kanye and Drake’s tension from last year, but he then illustrates who the rapper may be by stating below:

He has this line that I love that says, ‘I told my story and made history’ — like made his story and made history. That’s what we do, we tell our story and then people relate to that story.


Kanye West also spoke on different topics such as President Trump which many will want to listen for as well. David Letterman’s interview will be seen on his show “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction”.