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Kanye Returns With 2nd Pete Davidson Inspired Music Video

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The ex-wife of Kanye West has already expressed disdain over her children’s father being in a public feud with her new boyfriend.

Some people were not impressed with Ye’s original visual that had Pete Davidson being kidnapping and buried alive. In the “sequel,” The Game is shown in animation along with the rest of the visuals which are in animation instead of clay as the original.

We see a cartoon figure representing Pete Davidson that has the face blurred out with the name “Skete” written on a red hoodie. A monkey is shown leading the charge with Kanye and The Game with different backdrops that include tattoo parlor, church, and a divorce courtroom.

Pete Davidson being a comedian who pokes fun at people for a living hasn’t publicly chastised the antics of Kanye towards him. “He finds the fact that Kanye included a cartoon version of him in his music video hysterical,” Entertainment Tonight reported from a source last week. “He is almost flattered by it all because it is so ridiculous to him.”

Davidson perhaps is being told by his girlfriend Kim Kardashian to leave things alone as Kanye deals with the secession of his marriage. He wrote a poem earlier this week.

“I feel already compromised that I have to justify my expression after over 20 years of art that I’ve contributed to the planet but I also see the need to make sure we as a species are allowed to still feel anything Men not allowed to cry celebrities not allowed to cry,” he wrote.

“I will not explain this new piece for the explanation destroys the mystery and magic of true love and puts it in a box that can be counted Art is subjective Art only works when it is the artist absolute truth Someone’s truth can be another persons lie We don’t all have to feel the same because we are not the same.”