Kanye West Allegedly Talking With Divorce Lawyers

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Kanye West is reportedly talking to divorce lawyers this week to end his marriage with Kim Kardashian.


The last year the celebrity couple of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were basically living separate lives. This led to marriage counseling to fix their issues and have not made any public statement about their damaged relationship as of yet despite news leaking about their situation.
The latest report now has the two no longer attending marriage counseling. According to PEOPLE, a “source” has said that Kim and Kanye have “completely” stopped going to couple’s counseling, which another “source” claimed they were attending to fix their fractured relationship. The last year has undoubtedly been stressful for them, but the final straw for Kim appears to have been Kanye’s self-serving Presidential run. The “source” goes on to say that Kanye is opening up to divorce, speaking to lawyers in the coming days.

“He is talking to divorce lawyers this week,” said the alleged insider. PEOPLE states that neither Kim nor Kanye’s representatives agreed to comment on the story. “They are just not on the same page when it comes to their future as a family. And Kim is okay with it.”

Kim reportedly sees a different path that does not align with Kanye’s plans. “Kim has become more independent and has lost patience with his antics, rants, the presidential campaign and tweets,” said a different “source”.

No one knows for sure exactly on how this will all turn out until the couple make official statements about their life together.