Kanye West, Buju Banton, SAINt JHN, Collabo Possibly In Works

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A few weeks ago, social media was treated to a picture with two legendary artists in Kanye West and Buju Banton. The two men were seen together in the studio. Fans were left waiting on more news on this connection.

Well, now someone close to the situation has revealed more information. In an interview with Ebro of Hot 97, SAINt JHN, spoke about his latest success and his possible future.

“I started this one when Nipsey passed, literally the day Nipsey passed I made this record,” explains JHN, dating it back to March 31st, 2019. “I was so moved I didn’t know what to do. And when I played it for Ye, he was like, absolutely. I played it for him in Wyoming, and as soon as he was done, we shoot a Gap campaign and he says pull up the record, and he’s behind me recording it while I’m shooting the campaign for the Gap joint.”

He continued by telling everyone that Kanye wants to be involved in a project with him and Buju Banton. “Ye wants to produce an album, me, him and Buju together,” he reveals. “Ye wants to executive produce, maybe he’ll do the next one or the one after that.”

Check out the full segment below.