Kanye West Caught Slipping In Mother Africa?

Kanye West Family

According to Radar Online, Kanye West in his latest visit to Uganda almost saw the rap superstar in a kidnapping. The West family consisting of Kim Kardashian and their three children were staying at Chobe Safari Lodge. The security team West had took him on a tour of the jungle safari and decided they wanted them to stay over the night in the bushes. Obviously Kanye did not agree with this and problems ensued. 

“They told Kanye they couldn’t get a plane back and guarantee his safety,” the source said. West had hired guns who flashed them towards the guides.

“They thought these guys were gonna kidnap Kanye,” the source said. “Both sides flashed their weapons and neither side would back down!” and the source continued “It was a battle of wills,” and “Luckily, a plane was chartered for the morning and they left without incident!”