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Kanye West – Clipse Kenny G | Use This Gospel Live & JIK Review

Use This Gospel

Kanye West finally released the highly anticipated “Jesus Is King” album and for the most part the reaction has been positive. Many people were surprised that West actually put together a full rap album that was influenced by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

One of the more popular songs on the album includes a special reunion between brothers as The Clipse made their first song together since No Malice gave his life to Jesus Christ a few years ago.

The single “Use This Gospel” has a unique sound that everyone has heard. Kanye fuses the open car door signal for a beat as the three rappers give their rendition of the good news. The song was performed live for the first time at Sunday Service today (October 27th).

Also another song that has resonated with many Christians and non-Christians is “God Is” which has a very soulful sample that is reminiscent of Kanye West’s secular music on “College Dropout”.

Above the Sunday Service music segment from Los Angeles. Check out the online reaction the Jesus Is King below.