Kanye West Deletes “These Souls Deserve To Live” After Fetus Pic Tweet

CELEBRITY NEWS - Kevin Douglas Article

Forbes received an interview with presidential nominee Kanye West where he declared his stance on President Trump and Planned Parenthood being a force that was created by White supremacists to target Black communities.

He also revealed that Michelle Tidball, a preacher, would be his running mate. TMZ released a statement from Planned Parenthood saying, “Black women are free to make our own decisions about our bodies and pregnancies, and want and deserve to have access to the best medical care available,” said Nia Martin-Robinson, the Director of Black Leadership and Engagement at Planned Parenthood’s Headquarters. “Any insinuation that abortion is Black genocide is offensive and infantilizing. The real threat to Black communities’ safety, health, and lives stems from lack of access to quality, affordable health care, police violence and the criminalization of reproductive health care by anti-abortion opposition.”

Kanye West put up a tweet for approximately 10 or 15 minutes before removal. He stated, “These souls deserve to live” with a picture of a fetus. The social media world was quick to capture the tweet and have their thoughts on it.