Kanye West Exposing The Whole Industry Isn’t As Crazy As You Think

CELEBRITY NEWS WORLDWIDE with Karen Smith - Infinite Waters Ralph Smart Review Of Kanye Interview

Popular Youtube Channel content creator, Ralph Smart, gives his professional psychological review of the controversial Kanye West Breakfast Club interview.

Kanye West has caused a tidal wave of reactions in the world of entertainment and it hasn’t been all positive according to some people. Ralph Smart has over two million subscribers on Youtube and has talked about various topics over the years through his psychology method. He breaks down what he believes is something that is not being talked about enough with the current Breakfast Club interview.

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Smart says what is happening with Ye is bigger than Kanye West. In his mind he says Kanye West as being someone who reached the upper echelon and “He’s coming back down to tell the regular people what time it is.” The founder of Infinite Waters says when the mainstream media labels someone as crazy is that the person is just waking up from the slumber being in the industry.

Smart says he relates to Kanye somewhat because he was also almost cancelled during the height of the Covid-19 scare. He says his videos would routinely get 5-6 million views each release, but that got curbed because he had an alternate viewpoint of the lockdown situation that was occurring. He says only things that can’t be hidden is the sun, moon, and the truth. Check out his video below for his take on the whole situation.

Ralph Smart is not the only Youtube content creator who doesn’t necessarily agree with the mainstream narrative surrounding Kanye West. He reveals the meaning behind the ancient word media and how it is still in effect in 2022.

Nubreed Global Truth also gave an alternate take on what he believes was an exposing of the industry on the infamous Drink Champs interview. Although Ralph Smart touched upon the Black Jew aspect during his review, Nubreed Global Truth went into more detail on why Kanye is claiming to have a Jewish bloodline.