Kanye West gives $73k to Chicago mayor candidate Amara Enyia

kanye west

Kanye West has donated $73,540 (around £56,000) to a woman who is running to be mayor of his home city of Chicago.

Amara Enyia is running for office in February 2019 – and has also had the backing of Chance the Rapper.

The money is the exact amount she needed to pay off a debt owed to the Illinois State Board of Elections from her previous mayoral bid in 2015.

Kanye West

Kanye West has been on a political mission and stirred up controversy when he met up with President Trump recently. Amara says Kanye’s support came as a surprise as he showed up at a campaign rally that also included Chance The Rapper who has been supportive of her bid. She has let it be known that she does not endorse Trump whatsoever and that Kanye’s time and support is in line with her mantra for change in Chicago and her plan to replace Rahm Emmanuel.

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From her opponent:

“This reflects what her true values are. Kanye is a guy who has said slavery is a choice, who has gone out of his way to embrace Donald Trump, who is racist, misogynistic and offensive and not a guy who any progressive would ever want any association with,” Lightfoot said. “Obviously she’s desperate because she racked up all those fines with the State Board of Elections because she didn’t competently handle her business, but you can’t credibly say you’re a progressive when you take money from that guy. There’s no way.”

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