Kanye West Invested His Own $12 Million On Presidential Run

POLITICS - Mikey Johson Article


Kanye West spared no dimes when he ran for the position of the United States President.

Kanye West, who is one of the richest hip hop artists in history, decided to run for the highest office in America by backing his passion with hid own $12.5 million. The Birthday Party campaign’s financial records reportedly prove that $13.2 million was spent trying to secure votes for Kanye’s run, with the majority of which coming from the artist’s own pockets.

The report is being made using Kanye’s final Federal Election Commission filing, and it shows that West spent about $200 for every vote that he received. Nationally, the artist secured 66,000 votes.

“It wasn’t your traditional campaign,” said a political source who helped West in the summer. “He isn’t versed enough politically. He figured that by doing it on his own, he could control his own media. But he has so much other stuff going on in his life that has nothing to do with politics that the distractions are there.”

Some stated that Kanye’s last minute run for the presidency was a mistake because he had no way of getting votes in cities where it was already too late for him to have ballots. The campaign did run for four months and profited $1.3 million. Much of the money spent went toward ballot access, which didn’t end up making much of a difference as he was absent on the ballot in most states.

This presidential run may have also added strain to his marriage which has now been reported to be over with Kim Kardashian filing for divorce.