Kanye West Is “Our New Michael Jackson” Says Dame Dash

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The Netflix release of part 1 of Jeen-Yuhs series has the Roc-a-fella founder reminiscing on the iconic producer and rapper stating “he wasn’t that bold back then.”

Fans are seeing a side of Kanye unlike before with the artist’s ambitious origin of his career on “jeen-yuhs“. West is currently going through a very public divorce with his estranged wife Kim Kardashian, but viewers are reminded why Kanye became famous to begin with on Netflix.
The journey of his rise was captured on film and is entertaining just as his music catalog.  We see the human side of things as Kanye held steadfast for a record deal, but he also saw the pigeonhole some gave him as just being a producer. He rose above that when he ended up Roc-a-fella records.  Dash thinks back to those days in an interview with The Jasmine Brand.

“I was the guy who always ran around with a camera ’cause I knew that these moments were priceless, it was just a matter of when it was time,” said Dame. “So, I was glad that they actually took that advice and did that, or at least followed the example. I got a lotta footage, but it’s just the time, it’s always about the times. I think this is the right time for that.”

Dame called West “our new Michael Jackson,” adding, “whether that’s negative or positive, but that’s just what it is.” It isn’t something that Dash was expecting from West, but he explained his comparison, saying that “every move he makes, everybody’s paying attention to.”

“He triggers the world,” said Dame. When asked if that was a quality that he saw in West earlier on his career, Dash answered that is wasn’t. “He wasn’t that bold back then,” he added. “But he always was very confident.” Dash then went on to speak about his own impact, listing off his “firsts” in the industry.

Check out the interview below as social media chimes in on the claim by Dame Dash.