Kanye West & Jason Lee Discuss Kim Kardashian Divorce

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The rap icon spoke about his current affairs with paparazzi, Kim Kardashian, and upcoming music.

Kanye West helped to smash Drink Champs ratings for an interview and now he is making waves with his Jason Lee conversation. The Hollywood Unlocked broadcast is broken into two parts. The first segment aired earlier this month and covered his altercation with a paparazzi.

Ye’s frustrations was rooted in his family life – particularly with his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian, and her newly enforced boundaries with her co-parent and his access to their children.  He was recently seen in Paris for Fashion week with new girlfriend, Julia Fox, in matching outfits.

In the update on Monday, January 24th, West once again addressed his ongoing divorce. “Obviously, as a celebrity, there’s a lot of people that are around me that can influence me, and no human being is immune to their surroundings,” he said around the 23-minute mark, as the two began discussing cancel culture.

“There’s a lot of people around Kim that can influence her. You know, she’s making certain decisions, she’s just looking for safety, and a safe place to be because I do these ideas where like, man, if I’m the only person that’s not with Hillary, then she’s getting like, attacked so much, telling me I can’t wear the hat,” the Yeezus rapper continued, explaining how his political affiliation with President Donald Trump impacted the socialite’s public life, and ultimately her mental health.

“And she just, as a woman… Women just want security and comfort,” the 44-year-old told Lee. “But, you know, what she ultimately she’d ultimately like is a husband to play the role of what’s happening in Hollywood already, but that’s not the case, you know?”

Ye explained that what Kardashian wants is just not who he is, adding that he’s here to “improve on the situation,” and that “everybody’s still gonna eat,” no matter who’s on what side politically.

Last year, Kanye went back into the studio and finally released “Donda” to the public. He is once again working on music as fans were treated to collaboration with “The Game.” He hinted at a single with Cardi B in the interview with Jason Lee. Ye stated that he “always believed in her.”

Lee believes Kanye and Cardi are very similar in comparison concerning their public image. They either get love for their words and actions or get ostracized for it. Check out the interview below.