Kim Kardashian and Kanye West drama was put on hold for a day in the public after months of discord being portrayed online. The two billionaires are no longer an item and have moved on with new relationships. Pete Davidson and Kanye were having a war of words recently and Kanye has not liked some of the parenting being done by Kim Kardashian in terms of having their daughter North on TikTok.

While the two don’t seem to be on the best of terms right now, they certainly make the effort to see one another to make a good example for their children. For instance, the two were back together over the weekend, albeit briefly, to watch their son Saint play soccer.

The soccer match took place in Los Angeles, and as you can see in the footage below, Kanye was standing around and pacing the field, all while Kim sat in a lounge chair. Saint seemed to be having a ton of fun on the pitch, all while Kanye’s face was mostly very serious. Kim and Kanye didn’t have much direct contact, however, they did talk to one another at certain points.