Ye canceled his scheduled performance only a week before the huge show was to take place. The billionaire rapper has reportedly pulled out his anticipated performance and according to reports, he has taken a potential Travis Scott appearance with him. People are wondering why the rapper just suddenly dropped out of the showcase.More information from sources such as Page Six and TMZ has been revealed this week as the outlets have claimed they have spoken to insiders with secret information. According to Page Six, West was set to receive $8 million for his two performances and was also allotted $500K to use for production.

TMZ added that their sources shared that Kanye West didn’t seem serious about taking to the stage in the first place. It was alleged that the rapper “hadn’t seriously rehearsed for a performance,” which was noted because most artists practice for Coachella for months. There were also allegations that on the production side, there was much more to be finished within this week’s timeframe, however, the festival’s production team was still apparently “completely caught off guard” by West leaving the lineup.

Yet, it has been announced that The Weeknd and Swedish House Mafia will take over West’s spot because, in this entertainment industry, the show must go on. Still, fans who purchased Coachella tickets to specifically see West are disappointed.