Kanye West Reportedly Wants To Date A Creative Next

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Page Six reports that Kanye West is looking to date an artist once his divorce is finalized with Kim Kardashian.
Kanye West has been pretty quiet ever since news broke out that his wife Kim Kardashian West filed for divorce. The artist who is known for his outspoken nature has taken the opposite direction of not addressing the situation. The only information that people have heard from Kanye’s side of things was his official response to Kim’s divorce request, Kanye reportedly asked the court to consider a joint custody agreement, which is also what Kim would prefer.

According to Page Six, sources have informed them of Kanye’s preferred next partner, hinting that he could be trying to date a creative person such as a fellow artist. Insider sources have reportedly told the publication that Kanye is already thinking about his next relationship and he wants it to be with an artist. The source reportedly specified that he would prefer to get close with another creative person so “they can speak the same language to each other.” It may be difficult for Kanye to find somebody who speaks the same language as him. After all, he’s one of the most revolutionary (and misunderstood) humans of his time.

The same insider said that Kim Kardashian is focused on “remaking her image as a devoted mother” and starting a career in politics eventually. She’s reportedly not dating anybody right now, despite a push for her to go out with Van Jones on Twitter.