Kanye West Requested By Swizz Beatz For DMX Funeral Reportedly

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Swizz Beatz reportedly asked Kanye West to be part of DMX’s funeral service this week.

The Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York on April 24 will be the time and place where Earl Simmons aka DMX will have a memorial for his life and times. DMX loss his battle in the hospital after being in a vegetative state after receiving a heart attack via a drug overdose.

According to some sources, Barclays Center will stage a star studded event for the iconic rapper from Yonkers and reportedly Swizz Beatz has asked for Kanye West to make an appearance.

Page Six is reporting that the prolific music producer has contacted another iconic producer in Kanye West, to ask him to appear at DMX’s service. It’s unclear if he has been asked to perform, speak, or simply appear in the audience.

In recent times, DMX has met up with Kanye West to be apart of his Sunday Service in 2019, delivering a prayer. Music wise, the men have worked together in the past on singles such as “Dogs Out”.

The Sunday Service in which Dark Man X appeared can be seen below by an upload from Kim Kardashian who is currently divorcing Kanye.

Kanye and Swizz Beatz have not commented on the reports.