Kanye West Reunites With Beanie Sigel After Admitting Owing Him Money

Via Beanie Sigel Instagram

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Kanye West received a surprise visit from Beanie Sigel during his Sunday Service event.

The Roca-Fella music label days had Kanye starting off as a producer, but would end up being a popular hip hop artist for the brand. He made a few allegiances at the time under the umbrella with artists such as Beanie Sigel. This was addressed on Kanye’s appearance on  Drink Champs where he revealed that he owed Beanie Sigel money for the brand name Yeezy. Kanye  who goes by the name Ye now, admitted to getting nicknamed several times from people, but it was Beanie Sigel was the first to call him Yeezy.

On the YE Drink Champs episode, he said the following, “People who took a liking to me in volatile situations, would always give me a nickname, so it seemed like I was cool like them,” Ye said. “(Yeezy) was Beanie’s name for me when I was at Baseline. On some like ‘That’s Yeezy’ … make him one of us. He let me wear his State Property chain. He really just embraced me.”

The name would become a powerhouse in fashion and the shoe genres, but Beanie Sigel explained that Kanye told him that he would offer him 5% stock in Yeezy brand along with $50M, which has yet to be paid out.

“I still owe Beanie money, and I been trying to give him this money for a minute,” he told DJ EFN and N.O.R.E. “I been trying to give it to him … this man made up the name. It’s like, you know, the lady who made the Nike Swoosh. Phil Knight went back and made sure she was straight.”

Beanie Sigel did confirm the conversation Kanye had with him about money during a club appearance in his hometown of Philadelphia, Sigel revealed just how much money Ye has been trying to give to him.

“I got a call from the motherf*cker the other day, Kanye West, he said ‘Sig I owe you $50M and 5% stock in Yeezy,'” Beanie told the onlooking crowd.

Ultimately, Beans isn’t eager on getting an outright payment from Kanye West but rather, enter into some sort of partnership with Ye on future business endeavors. During an appearance on TMZ this weekend, Beans revealed “You give somebody a fish today, he gon’ eat for the day. If you teach somebody how to fish, he gon’ eat forever. He gon’ teach his family how to fish,” he said. “I’m not even thinking about a number but I would love to do some business where I can earn some money. ‘Cause I’m a earner. I never was the type to take this for a hand-out.”

Following the comments, Beanie Sigel pulled up on Kanye West at his weekly Sunday Service event. Beans shared emotional pictures of the two men smiling together after the reunion. It hasn’t been confirmed if they discussed any potential business plans.