Kanye West Spends $1 Million A Day To Live At Mercedes-Benz Stadium

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Kanye West is reportedly paying $1 million per day to rent out the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

The living quarters is pretty simplistic where the rap billionaire settles within the building, but it is still a pretty penny to reside there. After a photo floated online it appears that he is inside a storage closet or locker room. It all began when he scheduled the DONDA listening session last week and he’s looking set to extend his stay by another week as he puts the finishing touches on the album.

Reporter Karyn Greer has heard word that Kanye is paying over $1 million every day to stay inside the stadium. There is no definite date on when the hip hop artist is going to be leaving the location. It is being reported that a second event on August 5th will occur, as the first Donda listening party broke global streaming records that it will be interesting if there will be a repeat performance.