Kanye West Talks With Joe Rogan About God, Politics, Fall Of USA, & More


kanye west

Kanye West jumped on Joe Rogan’s podcast and gave quite a lengthy interview detailing various topics. The hip hop billionaire spoke about what motivated him to enter into the realm of politics and running for president.

“It was something God put on my heart back in 2015. A few days before the MTV awards, it just hit me in the shower,” Kanye said. “And when I first thought of it I just started like laughing to myself and all this joy came over my body. Just through my soul and I just felt that energy I felt that spirit.” West then went on to talk about how he ended up voicing his intentions to run for President during the MTV Awards. and subsequent backlash that soon followed.

“I had different friends that were some people in the music industry, some people tech elites and they would really take it as a joke,” West divulged. “They’re telling me all these reasons why I couldn’t run for President. […] One of my responses to one of the naysayers was ‘well I’ll definitely be a billionaire by that time’ and not that that’s a reason why someone should become President but it’s to say at that time I was around $50 million dollars in debt and I knew I would have the confidence to be able to turn that around.”

The internet has flocked to watch the interview as it hit over a million views within hours. The fashion mogul continued stating, “It was just this calling on my heart. I remember talking to really, like, elitist writers. I was trying to avoid saying White Supremacists but like, elite — the Liberal elites are like… ‘Boy, who you gonna vote on?’ You know, like, ‘who are you to run for office if you can’t even run off ballots?’…,” Kanye said around the 1:48-mark. “People are saying that to me but I could get on ballots,” he continued.

Check out the whole interview below.