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Kanye West Visualizes Pete Davidson Buried Alive In “EAZY”

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Kanye West is still feuding with Pete Davidson despite his ex-wife’s fears of the rapper putting her new beau in danger with his fans.

Kanye West recently had court on Wednesday March 2nd, but it didn’t deter him from still beefing with comedian Pete Davidson. The SNL star is in a relationship with the mother of his children, Kim Kardashian, and the “jeen-Yuhs” rapper is not fond of the situation. 
He has let everyone know his disdain for Davidson on social media. Prior to the release of Donda 2, Kanye was all over Instagram taking shots at the man. Kanye was referring to Pete as “Skete” Davidson, and at times, there were some pretty overt references to violent actions.

‘With all of that being said, Kanye eventually calmed his hatred down a bit, however, it is starting to creep all the way back up again. This was made evident in Kanye and The Game’s new music video for “EAZY” which was released earlier today.

The music video drops on the day Kim Kardashian is allegedly declared with “single status” and is now able to remove the surname West.