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Kanye West #WorldWide Artist Of The Week

jesus is king

Kanye West is a legendary artist who helped pushed the boundaries of hip hop in the earlier part of the millennium. His battle against 50 Cent in terms of going toe to toe in record sales for albums was a turning point for the genre.

Many say it led to the rise of rappers not needing to be thugs or portraying gangsta rap to be successful. Ever since his debut album, Kanye West has got a reaction from fans for his work.

WWETV writer, Venom, has written a couple of articles that goes into depth about the complexity of his behavior and how it impacts his work as a rapper and producer.

He was recently crowned as the most money making hip hop artist for the year 2019 and with a new album dropping it may increase his worth even more.

Kanye West has always been outspoken and sometimes has even received backlash for his comments such as “slavery was a choice” and making rants that upset high powered friends such as Jay Z and Beyonce when they never attended his wedding with Kim Kardashian.

He also had issues with mental health and being an outcast by some for his backing of President Trump. A lot of fans have always asked for the old Kanye West from his days making albums such as “College Dropout” and “Late Registration” due to his conscious music bringing awareness to the people about society’s ills.

When “Jesus Walks” dropped in hip hop, it allowed spirituality to be acceptable on a mainstream level. The song some people say is Kanye West’s real core because he believed God saved his life from that near death accident.

It seems that the old Kanye West will be bringing back that old negro spirituals once again as his new album drops on Sunday entitled “Jesus Is King”.

Kim Kardashian shared on her Instagram Story that Jesus Is King will arrive on Sunday. Kanye West let an audience in Detroit listen to the album on Friday night.

Many fans were anticipating the album drop at midnight, but this was not the case as the day has been pushed back to Sunday.

What Kanye West gave fans in attendance last night was a documentary that some state gave the most insight into the man Kanye West. An announcement of a movie entitled “Jesus Is Lord” will be releasing in IMAX theaters about his Sunday service choir. The songs on the album are all Christian related, but it’s not all gospel. “I can’t wait for you guys to see this @imax film in October,” Kardashian wrote, revealing the film’s planned release.

Will Kanye West once again shift the paradigm in hip hop with attracting new listeners with this Christian themed album?

The fans patiently wait as Kanye West who is notorious for changing release dates at the last moment because of tweaking albums on the fly.

Although some have welcomed Kanye West’s new path, there are critics who question where West’s heart really is at. There are some Christians who do not share the same excitement over “Jesus Is King”.

In an article in the New York Post, there are vocal Christians explaining their concerns with Yeezy’s use of Christ at events like his “Sunday Service” which WWETV Atlanta Host Ms. Goldi attended which had hip hop stars such as T.I. and 2 Chainz attend. “My major issue with Kanye’s Sunday Services is that they appear to be exclusive clubs for the rich and famous,” Oredein writes. “The average person can’t visit — instead, we’re kept at arm’s length merely watching on screens. A church — or any gathering led in Christ’s name — should be open to everyone.”

There are also entertainment bloggers who warn about praising Kanye over God as well even if by accident by his listeners. The objections seem to have some merit, but it is also right in line with Kanye always being controversial with his music releases. We shall see on Sunday how the world receives West’s new music.

In fairness to Kanye West, he has always added a touch of spirituality in past projects and his coming closer to gospel like music was heard on the album “Life Of Pablo” on songs such as “Father Stretch Your Hands”, “Ultralight Beam”, and “Waves”.